Taste the Seasons Mini Cheese Balls

Watch these mini cheese balls disappear at your potlucks, parties and holiday gatherings! Use any of our Taste the Seasons Cheese Spread and Dip mixes to easily prepare bite-sized versions of popular cheese balls.


1 package Taste the Seasons Cheese Spread and Dip mix

1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, room temperature

Chopped greens, nuts, seeds, or other garnish

16 pretzel sticks



In a medium bowl, blend together the cheese spread mix with cream cheese. Shape into small balls. Place garnish into a small bowl and roll each cheese ball to cover. Place on a tray and cover with plastic wrap; refrigerate overnight. Prior to serving, insert a pretzel stick into each ball.

Suggested pairings: Hazelnut Cafe au Lait with cocoa, Cajun Trinity with chopped parsley, Gazpacho with pine nuts, Spinach Mushroom with micro mustard greens, Tzatziki with chopped pistachios, Vegetable Tray with crumbled bacon


Makes 16