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Taste the Seasons Mixes


Taste the perfect blend of flavors with our uniquely wholesome artisan Taste the Seasons mixes. Loaded with bits of dried vegetables and carefully crafted seasonings, they bring together some of our favorite tastes. Create with ease deliciously seasoned dishes, cheese spreads and dips.


Our Taste the Seasons mixes are simple to use and make entertaining worry-free. For a cheese spread packed full of flavor, just add to cream cheese. Combine with yogurt, sour cream or mayonnaise for a delightful dip. Use as a complete seasoning mix to effortlessly enhance the flavors from your kitchen.


Enjoy the versatility of our Taste the Seasons mixes with their perfectly balanced and unique fusion of vegetables, herbs and spices. Let the tastes inspire all of your culinary creations. Explore our recipes to see how you can enrich the flavor of your meals by simply adding our mix to a variety of foods.

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